A moment in the heart of wildlife

On Friday 3rd April, a British visitor came and talked about her passion for wildlife to the 1° TCVA class.

Lois Ingham comes from the South West of England. She has now been in France with her husband for 11 years.

They live in a large house by the river in the Poupet Valley, and have many trees in their garden, so a large number of wild animals come and visit them : red squirrels, deer, owls, rabbits, and of course lots of birds !

Lois showed some pictures of these animals. We could also see the nest boxes as well as their many bird feeders and the food she gives to the birds and squirrels.

Most students could understand a large part of her presentation thanks to her pictures and quite slow speech.

On the whole, it was a good experience !

Wordbank :

deer : cerf

owl : chouette

bird feeder : mangeoire

nest box : nichoir

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