A week across the Channel

The final year students crossed the Channel in the tunnel to the UK on January 15th, and came back by ferry on the 20th.

They were given the opportunity to discover London and its famous sights, by day and by night, in the rain on the first day, then later under a clear blue sky.

The famous cities of Brighton and Oxford were also on the programme, together with the cultural visit of Leeds Castle near Maidstone.

Moreover, they visited vocational places in Aylesbury, such as a petstore as well as a day nursery.

Last and not least, they enjoyed the visit of the Lingfield wildlife centre in spite of the very low temperatures : Tom, the keeper, presented and handled quite a few species and the students realized they could understand a lot more than expected !

They stayed with host families which offered language immersion and nice hospitality in the evening.

On the whole, it was a rewarding experience !

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